A New Leash on Life, Inc. was founded to improve people’s lives by utilizing the special abilities of dogs. New Leash trains Serivce Dogs for people with disabilities, Therapy Dogs to cheer the elderly and motivate children learning to read or in therapy, and Companion Dogs for adoption from unwanted shelter dogs through an inmate training program at a local correctional facility.

Men and Therapy Dogs

What are ranch dogs and their male owners doing in class at Seminole State College? We began our Therapy Dog class at the college this week with a full class and most of our students are men, an unusual situation.

One of the students is a long-time cowboy with his dog, Kickapoo, a one-year-old German Shepherd Dog. They live on a ranch and do not come into town very often, so attending the Therapy Dog class is Kickapoo’s first experience with being around so many people. Kickapoo stayed right by his owner’s side and appeared very comfortable being petted by everyone in the class, an important skill needed for a good Therapy Dog. At eighty- eight years old, Kickapoo’s owner wants him to become a certified Therapy Dog so he can take him when he visits his friends in the nursing home. He said most of his friends have lived their lives around animals, and he is sure visits from Kickapoo will be good for their spirits. We know meeting this man and his dog was good for our spirits.



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