About Us:

New Leash Companion Animal Center offers a multitude of rental spaces suitable for meetings, banquets, parties, training seminars and events.  New Leash regularly schedules groups on an event by event basis. In addition, we currently house multiple animal related groups and organizations and welcome new, permanent rental inquiries.


In the Facility:

Our central Library is open during regular business hours for anyone to come and explore.  We have multiple temperature controlled rooms, great for small events or meetings.  Additionally, we have a dog bath/washing station for all guests and visitors to use. And we regularly have a dog trainer on site to address any behavioral or training issues with your dog FREE OF CHARGE.

If you want to rent the facility, call 405-604-0519 or email us at event@newleashinc.org.


Virtual Tour: 




Regular Business Hours: 9:30am – 6:00pm